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   The Just Kites  shop was located just outside Polzeath(famous for its surfing) in North Cornwall, in a small village called Trebetherick: In other words "out in the sticks". In keeping with its name, Just Kites was, and is, only concerned with Kites and Accessories - NO Juggling equipment, Yo-Yos, Roller Blades, Rockets, or other "Air Toys".

   The owner of the business, Fred Prior, is a retired RAF Squadron Leader whose flying experience has been kept for kites, because he is (or was) a data comms/Radar specialist. His shop was independent of any other kite business or organization. As Fred and Mo will tell you, their aim has always been to make money in a reasonable fashion, and to have fun at the same time. They have never sold kites, but only attempted to ensure that people did not buy kites which were either unsuitable for them or the conditions in which they expected to fly.

   Kites are FUN, and to that end Fred and Mo have tried to ensure that the quality of information they provide is of the same high quality as their kite products. Their kites have a high degree of survivability, are well made of standard materials(we wont sell what we can't easily fix), fly well, are available at a sensible price, and must be in keeping with the skill/experience of the potential pilots. For years they have been preaching that "small" doesn't mean "beginner", only normally a beginners price. Unfortunately there are still some manufacturers and retailers that attempt to give the impression that "small" is "easy", and "big" is for "Intermediate to Experts"(whatever that means); Fred's comment is "codswallop" and is sure that many potential flyers have been put off simply because they have been sold kites that are too quick and twitchy for them


An Important Note from Fred and Mo.

As far as we are concerned, the end of April 2003 was the end of an era, because the Just Kites shop as such closed. A lack of suitably located retail properties in the area precluded a move to another premises so we will be operating from the house at Tregail - about 300yds down the road towards Polzeath - but you must ring before attempting to visit. This will have an impact on business hours because we are no longer able or willing to open 7 days a week.

However, while stocks last, we shall continue to retail kites, and our policy of not selling anything we cannot fix will continue as well; and we will retain the capability of being able to repair anything we have ever sold. We have no opening hours as such, but meantime will be available by phone or the web. One big advantage is that many prices will come down - so don't lose touch - but because the local Post Office has closed, mailorder may not be as prompt as as it was.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this might cause, and our thanks to everyone who has supported us over our 12 years in the shop. We hope that your support will continue.

Fred and Maureen

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