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In summary, it is always better to fly with lines which are strong enough to do the job, but which are as light as possible and with little or no stretch; perhaps needless to say, this normally means buying the more expensive types of line such as Dyneema, but such line has a tremendous impact on kite performance. Lines provided by Just Kites are stretched, sleeved, matched pairs and checked for total integrity on the premises. Our line Codes are shown below. We cannot check the dyneema lines included with kites by manufacturers, and whilst we are happy with the quality of the line itself, matching etc often leaves a lot to be desired and they should be checked by the purchaser - and this applies even to the best manufacturers.

Code 1 2x300lb(135kg) + 2x150lb(70kg) x 75ft(25m)
Code 2 2x500lb(225kg) + 2x300lb(135kg) x 75ft(25m)
Code 3 2x100ft(30m)x150lb(70kg)
Code 4 2x100ft(30m)x200lb(100kg)
Code 5 2x125ft(38m)x300lb(135kg)
Code 6 2x80ft(24m)x80lb(36kg)
Code 7 4x75ft(25m)x150lb(70kg)
Code 8 Laser Pro and Straps add 12. Dyneema and straps add 19.75

Mailorder , Postage and Packing

Payment.   Credit and Debit cards are no longer accepted. Paypal, Cheque and Money Order orders taken.  Paypal address is justkites@aol.com

A telephone number, in case there is a problem, is also useful.   For Cheques please put your card number on the back of the cheque, and cheques should be made out to FRJ Prior.

Carriage.   Post and Packaging costs depend on the item, and the Codes shown on the price list are identified below.; in general we only charge for postage, and smaller and extra large items(such as bits and buggies) will be priced separately according to cost..  

Code 1 2.50   Code 4 5.50
Code 2 3.75   Code 5 7.45
Code 3 4.50   Code 6 Collect or Carrier only

  An answering machine is available out of working hours or call diversion will be in place.

  E- Mail Justkites@AOL.com

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