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I believe that a few words on "Power Kites" would not come amiss because there is a great deal of misconception amongst beginners in the kite flying world that power can only be generated by large foils or single-skinned kites of the NASA Wing type; this is a load of phooey and when I get the time I shall produce a better introduction to this section. For example, maybe someone can tell me the difference between a "Power" Kite and a "Traction" Kite - for many years traction has been provided by deltas and ordinary foils. In the meantime please accept the fact that ALL kites develop power, but power is probably more easy to manage with non-deltas, and 4-line kites give you easier control for power related activities.

POWER KITES (Traction and Surfing)
2-Line Soft HQ Symphonies, Radsails
4-Line Multi-celled Vipers, Skytigers, Quadrifoils, Radsails,
4-Line Single Skin NPW5(NASA Wing),
Surfing Quadrifoils
Others F-One, Mosquito, Quadrifoil, C-Quad.

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