Just Kites In God's Own Country

Title Content Price Approx
Trickery Flickery Flexi Trick Flying - instructional 12.85 28 mins
Stranger Flexi Trick Flying - demo 5.50 22 mins
Powertrip By Flexifoil. Foils, Jumping, Buggying, some Kitesurfing. 9.95 19 mins
Air Heads Kitesurfing 19.95 45 mins
Flight School Trick Flying with Dod Gross. Instructional. 11.99 40 mins
Flight School 4 More Trick Flying with Dod Gross. Instructional. 13.99 42 mins
Drachen Kite Festival. Wide variety of kites and flying. 9.95 28 mins
HQ Performance Mainly Deltas 5.00 17 mins

Trickery Flickery Powertrip video Air Heads Video

video tricks 4 Flight School Drachen Video

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